High Value Engineering is not a new concept to the industry. The reality that the best interests of the Industry in achieving sustainability are maybe represented by HVE, perhaps is. We are all compelled to do more with less. High Value Engineering can help, if all stakeholders are aligned with new thinking regarding scalability, expectations, and engage the HVE with an adequate level of integration. This offers a potential of both improved functionality and a tangible reduction in cost. It also allows our customers key resources to focus on strategizing a winning position among their competitors in the market place.

Many Operators have become supply chain driven, due to the devastating decline in commodity prices. The entire supply chain must provide commercially competitive offerings, and utilizing HVE centers such as DAHVE can greatly assist in achieving this. The EPC companies have had their margins ravaged and many smaller, lower-tier companies providing Facilities support to the Industry entities have had their viability marginalized. Increased use and integration of HVE centers is one avenue of opportunity open to EPC companies and smaller Facilities support providers when looking for ways to maintain or reestablish performance to Minimum Acceptable Rates of Return (MARR) levels.

About Us

Dimension All HVE Inc. (DAHVE) is the subsidiary of the Dimension All Group based out of Manila that provides High Value Engineering services to the oil and gas, energy and petrochemical markets, domestically and globally. DAHVE works towards a long-term partnering strategy with our clients. Integrated manpower planning and the use of modern collaboration tools and systems make outsourcing to DAHVE significantly simpler than it once was, say even just a decade ago. Our Core Team of engineers and designers, in addition to being fluent in English, have over 9 years’ experience of working in a high value engineering environment, delivering to a broad portfolio of clients with an equally wide range of expectations.

Our engineering Core Team and senior management have worked together to document the policies and protocols in place at DAHVE. This system removes previous blockers to efficient outsourcing. We focused on the six critical factors shown in the table which we feel are key in determining the successful outsourcing of engineering scopes, and facilitating our clients’ ability to leverage the maximize added value from our services. The policies also ensure a competent skill set commensurate with the needs of our clients’ scopes, in order that DAHVE consistently deliver the quality of deliverables expected.

“…firms are often surprised by the quality of the work, and that motivates them to seek opportunities for growth. The realization that a large and very able talent bank resides overseas is informing more decisions about what to do there. Seventy percent of respondents cited access to qualified personnel as a major driver of their initiatives, up from 54% a year ago.”

[Arie. Y. Lewin and Carine Peters
From the March 2006 Issue of Harvard Business Reivew]



To be a respected provider of high value engineering services to the oil and gas, and other related industries, both locally and globally.


To consistently add value and contribute to our clients’ ability to reach their operational efficiency business targets, without compromising quality and safety.

“There is also a trend towards more performance-based contracts rather than traditional cost plus arrangements”.

[Oil and Gas UK Financial Report 2016]


A further value proposition that we offer our customers in back-logging. DAHVE can utilize spare manpower at any time to create a backlog of work packs for our clients that can be “put on the shelf” to allow construction should an unexpected window of opportunity arise within the Integrated Asset Plan.

  • Clients know exactly what it will cost them and they will get the work packs well ahead of implementation
  • Cost savings will be significant on deliverables


Integration begins at the point of engagement. During the scoping phase, Dimension All works with our clients, sharing their knowledge and experience by advising the most efficient workshare plan, based on the complexity of the scope.

  • Challenge the Project Delivery Process type approach to small or minor modification work on existing assets
  • Look as scalability of deliverables versus functionality e.g. work packs
  • Have developed “Simple Deliverable” norms
  • Challenge and mitigate deliverable type quantity and complexity, particularly with regard to Work-Pack type documents
  • Challenge prescriptive delivery and where possible, replace this with a modern innovative and fit for purpose approach that is commensurate with both the scope and the needs of the industry, thus rendering sustainable change which is fit for the future
  • A new approach will only be successfully implemented if all stakeholders are aligned in terms of scope, cost, schedule, and expectations
  • Simplicity of engagement
  • State of the art communications systems


DAHVE is an engineering company and therefore we understand our clients’ environment and their resource needs for any given scope. We are not a competitor, we are independent and we offer ourselves to the entire supply chain, industry-wide. Our goal is to give the supply chain flexibility, and every company, whether big or small, access to their own readily available HVE Center. We think innovatively and challenge existing practice to leverage the maximum added value from High Value Engineering. Our simple approach dispels any lingering concerns regarding the complexity of engaging a High Value Engineering Partner. Our approach is based upon a documented protocol (called the Flexing Plan) and the use of a simple Master Services Agreement (MSA). The Master Service Agreement is a non-exclusive contract that covers all works carried out by DAHVE for its clients. Once the MSA is in place, all scopes are then initiated by an enquiry, a standard proposal document referring to the MSA and a Call-Off Work Order, so the administrative burden is minimalized. The MSA uses Management of Change to control Change Orders or variations etc., and has provision for executing work as a schedule of rates or a fixed lump sum.


  • Refineries and energy
  • Onshore oil and gas production facilities
  • Onshore pipelines and receiving terminals
  • Offshore topsides
  • Liquefied natural gas plants
  • Petrochemical plants

Engineering Disciplines and Manpower

  • Piping Engineering and Stress Analysis
  • Instrument Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil/Structural and Architectural Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Design Drafting
  • Commercial Construction
  • Project Management


Always our top priority, never compromised

We are familiar with all aspects of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Safety Integrity Level (SIL), Evaluation Techniques, and Asset Integrity Process Safety.


  • Statement of requirements
  • Scope of work
  • Execution plan
  • Codes and Standards
  • Schedule and budget
  • Construction management
  • Modularization
  • Vertical or horizontal work sharing
  • As-Building and Close Out
  • High value engineering
  • 3D models
  • 2D design (PID updates, as-built, fabrication drawings)
  • Single discipline design work (Piping, equipment modeling front end, estimate)
  • Multiple discipline design work (All designers’ work in a project including modeling of piping, civil/structural, E&I + 2D drafting + deliverables)
  • Detailed design
  • High volume drafting
  • FEED